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Results & Updates

Men's Foil  @ HALB

1st Cameron B. (earned B rank)

Men's C & Higher Foil  @ HALB

5th Cameron B.


Y14 Men's Foil  @ AFM

1st Cameron B.


Y12 Men's Foil  @ TFC

56th Duncan M.

60th Nicholas M.



3rd Maeve L.

C & Under WE  @ GGFC

8th Maeve L.



2nd Cameron B.


22nd Cameron B.


23rd Maeve L.


SYC @ Bellevue, WA


26th Duncan M.


15th Cameron B.



1st Cameron B.


27th Nicholas M.


32nd Duncan M.

49th Nicholas M.


Youth Program

Fencing is Fun
Wield the blade that ties you to your heroes...Wear the pristine white uniform of honor and integrity... Don the mask that transforms you into a force to be reckoned with... Carry on the legacy of Lancelot, Cyrano, Anne Bonney, Zorro and James Bond... Accept the challenge of the thrown glove!!

Fencing Creates Leaders
Fencing creates leaders with such characteristics as quick decision-making, self-reliance, self-respect and self-esteem. Fencing continues to be the edge for admission to the top universities in the country: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford and MIT. Fencing is the sport of choice for athletes who prefer to forge their own way. NBFA is a collection of individuals with common goals.

Pursue the Olympic Dream
Fencing is one of the original sports in the modern Olympics. It has been a part of the Games since the beginning in 1896. Today there are ten medal events at each summer Olympic Games. The United States is a strong presence in the Olympic fencing movement, most recently winning gold and silver medals at the Athens Games.

NBFA Introductory Classes
Introductory classes are the first step for a novice fencer of any age. NBFA offers introductory 4-week classes for each of their Youth Programs. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce families to the sport of fencing.
The Young Blades (Ages 5-8)
The Young Blades at NBFA is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 8 years old. This program uses games and lessons to establish the mental and physical reflexes necessary to the sport of fencing. Participants will practice:
-    Agility Games
-    Ball Games
-    Motor Skill Development
-    Fencing Footwork
-    Competitive Bouting

The Silver Blades (Ages 8-13)
The Silver Blades is for children ages 8 to 13. Fencers at this age are trained to apply their individual attributes to the best advantage in the sport of fencing. In this program they will be exposed to the three disciplines of modern fencing: foil, epee and sabre. The Silver Blades train in:
-    Physical Fitness
-    Application of Fencing Strategies
-    Personalized Skills Building
-    Mental and Physical Agility Games
-    Fencing Footwork
-    Competitive Bouting

The Cutting Edge (Ages 8-18)
The Cutting Edge is the program designed for the competitive fencer. This program focuses on self-control and personal discipline in addition to physical training. The following elements are emphasized to enhance the growth and maturity of competitive fencers:
-    Self-Esteem
-    Self-Discipline
-    Respect for Oneself and Others
-    Time Management
-    Personal Expression
-    Physical Fitness
-    Fencing Strategy
-    Fencing Footwork
-    Competitive Bouting

The goal of NBFA is to develop all of our fencers into elite competitors. This Cutting Edge includes fencers of all ages. NBFA competitors travel locally, regionally and nationally to compete at a variety of tournament levels. Competitors, parents and coaches determine what the ambitions of the fencer are and together design an appropriate training and competition schedule. Individual lessons are a key component to training for The Cutting Edge. Competitors commit to a rigorous training schedule that is developed together with a coach. A personal competition schedule is designed at the beginning of the USFA season to which both the competitor and coach commit to attending. This is where the Olympic dream begins. Training for competitive success combines physical fitness (cardio and strength), competitive bouting both in and outside the club, and individual lessons tailored for the specific attributes of the fencer.
-    Individual Fencing Lessons
-    Personalized Training Plan
-    Local, Regional and National Competing
-    Strip Coaching
-    Bout and Competitor Analysis

NBFA offers a discount for multiple family members. We are happy to invite one and all into the NBFA family.

NBFA is committed to scholastic development. We provide a quiet, comfortable location for youth members to study and do homework when not participating in athletic training.

NBFA is committed to ensuring a supportive and encouraging environment for everyone. Our club enforces a "No Bullying" policy. If a member is experiencing such treatment we request that either members or parents notify a NBFA staff member to deal with it together in a positive and appropriate manner.


Adult Program

We offer instruction to men and women in all three weapons, from the recreational fencer to the experienced competitor.

Introductory Adult Classes
Our introduction to fencing is a coeducational group class. The goals of the course are to equip the novice adult with the requisite skill set to pursue the sport into the future. We explore the basic fencing concepts of:

-    Strategy
-    Movement
-    Offense
-    Defense
-    Counter-offense

This is a fast-paced and fun introduction to physical, mental and spiritual fitness through fencing. Please contact us through phone or email for further information and schedule.

Footwork Sessions
NBFA offers nightly footwork sessions to our members. These are for the ambitious competitor to develop fitness, precision and strategy based on footwork. Our footwork session develops the following skills for all three weapons:

-    Changes of rhythm
-    Use of the fencing piste and its different zones
-    Changes in direction
-    Effective footwork

Participation in this vital activity is highly recommended.

Training for Competition
NBFA promotes participation in competition, especially that sanctioned by the United States Fencing Association (USFA.) NBFA coaches work closely with our athletes to address personalized strategy, the maximization of the athlete's strengths and the development of areas in the athlete's game that need work. The NBFA fencer can count on strip-side support at competition and continuing mentorship both at the club and at competition venues. The NBFA staff works with the athlete to formalize a personal training schedule. This schedule addresses the three essential areas for competitive success:

-    Physical fitness
-    Competitive bouting
-    Individual lessons

NBFA director Maestro Peter Burchard has coached his athletes to two National titles and has had numerous finalists at the National level in youth, senior and veteran competition. He has placed athletes on USA National Teams to the:

-    Olympic Games
-    World Championships
-    World University Games
-    Pan American Games
-    World Maccabiah Games
-    NCAA National Championships

Individual Lessons
The NBFA coaching staff offers training in a one-on-one format in the traditional individual lesson. The individual lesson streamlines the path to the formation of a personalized game. Precision training of the instinctive attributes of the fencer develop the recognition skills and reaction time needed for success. Our highly experienced staff closely supervises the development of our athletes for maximum competitive success. At least three lessons per week are recommended. Please contact NBFA to develop your personal training schedule.

Veteran fencing
The world of fencing recognizes several age categories. Championships are held at the local, regional, national and international levels. The NBFA coaching staff has experience in coaching the fencer over 40. Maestro Peter Burchard’s has sent veteran fencers to the World Championships:
-    USA National Veteran Women's Epee Team Member (Bronze Medal)
-    USA National Veteran Men's Foil Team Member